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Nigeria everywhere

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Nigeria's cultural heritage

A rich cultural heritage spanning over 300 ethnic groups

with numerous talented creators exporting cultural assets worldwide. Nigeria's cultural heritage inspires the creative economy, provides livelihoods for communities, and offers boundless potential.

The creative economy

The creative economy is extensive and encompasses the production and distribution of ideas, innovations, goods and services that are the result of human creativity, skill, and talent across all aspects of Nigerian culture, including fashion, arts, design, media, entertainment, technology, heritage and more.

A strong creative and cultural economy is a key driver of growth and presents an opportunity to accelerate Nigeria’s expansion on a local and the global stage.

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Destination 2030 vision:

Nigeria, The world’s culture, creativity and entertainment capital.

Destination 2030, Nigeria is set to establish Nigeria as the leading global hub for arts, culture, and creativity.

It is a national strategy with the vision of positioning Nigeria as a leading influence of creative expression and cultural exchange.

Accelerating the transformation of the arts, culture and creative economy into a primary force for economic growth and shared prosperity.

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Unmistakable culture,exceptional talent, from nigeria to the world


Current project highlights


The Abuja Creative City will not just be a landmark for Nigeria but for the entire African continent.

A world-class creative city spanning 1000 hectares , set to Establish Abuja as the epicentre of African creativity, innovation, and cultural heritage by developing a globally recognised city that offers unparalleled opportunities, infrastructure, and inspiration

We are unmistakable, we are unlimited,everywhere we are, we are Nigeria


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